A description of my place of employment

An employer cannot fire an employee because of his or her race, gender, age, nationality, et cetera. The employer offers to pay a set amount for a given service, and the employee accepts. For example, an employer cannot fire someone on the basis of race, because that would violate the public policy against discrimination.


Recently, the magnificent Thunderbolt has fallen from its glory, quite literally. Again, you must think in terms of the at-will rule. The company doesn't need to give you a reason, but if you don't perform the job duties your supervisor gives you — regardless of whether they're in your job description — you could risk losing your job.

Let's take The Case of the Smoking Employee detailed above, where an employee was fired for smoking marijuana, even though she never did.

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You accept the new position, and then go into your supervisor's office to give your two weeks notice. But as of late, employers have started adding provisions to employment agreements that seek to limit the length of time an employee can bring an action -- usually six months.

Because the law also states that while you can be fired for no reason, you cannot be fired for a reason that violates public policy. Please note that this phone number and email are only for those individuals who want to request an accommodation to apply for a job.

Engaging in protected conduct does not save employees from termination. So, one day you show up at work wearing a fish tie, and your boss fires you for dressing inappropriately. If you are an at-will employee, you can be fired or demoted on a whim, without warning, for no reason at all, or even for a false reason.

Sorry Sharon, you have the absolute right to speak your mind, but your employer doesn't have to put up with it. It is very important that you immediately review the company's handbook AND your personnel file if you are entertaining the idea of pursuing legal action.

The people are friendly and in keeping with the amusement business are always ready to make your visit to the island worth remembering.

For example, terminating an employee because he voted on his own time is a violation of public policy because that would be an interference with the right to vote.

In fact, there could be an upside to taking on responsibilities that weren't originally assigned to you, if you want to get ahead at work. Do you need to hear it again? While you may be tempted to list out every requirement you envision for your ideal hire, including too many qualifications and skills could dissuade potential candidates.

Fifteen years ago, employee handbooks were the bread and butter of wrongful termination attorneys, because they created a way to get around the at-will employment rule discussed above.


But you need to take a deep breath, focus, and read the document. Yes, but the employee handbook doesn't say what you think it says. When Sharon showed up for work the next day, she was fired on the spot.

The place is filled with old buildings and structures that remind us of how our parents and grandparents might have enjoyed the Thunderbolt and the mermaid shows and the parachute drop and all the other parks when they where younger. How long have you been looking for work? Employees exercise substantive rights when they oppose discriminatory employer conduct, usually by making a complaint, and when they participate in proceedings involving the law, like providing witness testimony in a sexual harasssment investigation or lawsuit.

Marriott strives to be a workplace free from discrimination. Plumbers install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures to keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly.

If you want a career with less potential for late hours, try pipelaying, pipefitting, sprinklerfitting and steamfitting, skilled trades often grouped with plumbing.

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Here are some real cases to illustrate the concept of at-will employment. Charter County of Wayne, F. Does the handbook or personnel file limit the time to bring an action?

If you would like to be a supervisor or contractor, being familiar with Spanish will give you an edge communicating with a workforce increasingly made up of Spanish-speaking workers. Also, some people have agreements that specifically provide that they can only be terminated for cause.

Plumbers can also earn 'green' trade certifications to pursue opportunities with environmentally friendly companies. If so, then the arbitration service will likely have its own procedures that will need to be followed.

People have heard the term "hostile work environment" but have no idea of the legal context. After all, Maria did absolutely nothing wrong, and there was no reason for the employer to fire her.Employment Discrimination Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can come in many forms.

And although such misconduct can sometimes be overt, such as the use of racial slurs or denial of advancement opportunities, it can also be subtle or even concealed. Oct 7, Explore Joie Akam's board "My place of employment" on Pinterest.

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AmeriCorps VISTA members are passionate and committed to their mission to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. Members make a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency.

Miami-Dade County is a rewarding place to work, with great benefits and a stimulating work environment. Miami-Dade County is an equal opportunity employer for minorities and women, maintains an alcohol and drug-free workplace, and does not discriminate on the basis of disability.

"Discharge the boy from your employment," said his wife, promptly. He did not at first look up, but kept on with his employment. In reply he offers me, as if I were a beggar, employment for my sons.

The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.

A description of my place of employment
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