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A study conducted in Spain showed that polyglots, or multilingual people, have alert and keen minds. Although some people believe that learning a foreign language takes away from other relevant subjects earlier in life, studies have shown that it improves their academic skills in all areas.

Companies who plan to expand into overseas market are constantly looking for bilingual staff, who of which are well-paid and receive excellent benefits, as they will ultiamtely give the company a huge competitive advantage. This essay will show that this is a welcome development and can enhance educational practice.

What do you think of this blog? By Contributor One strives to learn a foreign language for a variety of reasons. This experience gives people a new insight into their own language and ultimately leads Advantage of learning foreign language essay them improving their mother tongue, which will improve their everyday lives.

Since a language is a doorway to a particular culture, learning a new language enables a person to have a broader understanding of that race or culture.

Learning a Foreign Language Essays

By simply mastering one skill, the other faculties are developed. Traditionally, children begin studying foreign languages at secondary school. But with the new language on the other side, a student finds it important to look at English with more interest.

Secondly, students should learn foreign languages early because it gives them the ability to communicate with and accept other cultures. Therefore, they are capable of performing mental skills at a higher capability. If so, please leave your comments below. Learning a second language also helps to improve overall cognitive abilities.

Although it has been proven that it is easier for children to learn a second language, it is certainly never too late to learn, and the benefits definitely reward the effort and dedication.

However this policy may bring some advantages along with some disadvantages. The cognitive and mental benefits of learning a foreign language are instantly apparent.

Enhance the cultural awareness The bottom line is that the desire to grasp new language for you is the direct embodiment of the culture of their country.

In conclusion, taking a break from studies can be advantageous if it allows people to gather up savings, however, they should also be careful that it does not lead to disillusionment with education altogether.

Multi-tasking is stressful to those who are not skilled at it. Although it has been proven that it is easier for children to learn a second language, it is certainly never too late to learn, and the benefits definitely reward the effort and dedication.

Before embarking on college many young people are advised that a year working or travelling may be a good option. You will be able to connect through books, TV, the internet and converse with a whole countries worth of people, ultimately broadening your horizons, interests and views.

Overall, it is a very positive development because most students will take advantage of the power of the information superhighway to enhance their studies, rather than using it to cheat.

It makes you more diverse as a person and allows you to avoid many conflicts because you start to discover a different culture and mentality. So the person is arranged. The primary time table should allow more frequent shorter sessions for maintaining learner's enthusiasm and progress. Also, when you have a conversation with a native speaker, your brain starts to get rid of an awkward situation frantically, changing the way of thinking, seeking synonyms for the word that you have forgotten.

The main reason to start kids off with foreign languages early is that this increases the likelihood they will achieve fluency in adulthood. Even though it is now clear that learning a new language has numerous applications of both a practical and a humanistic nature, researchers recognize that it is also helpful for other academic areas, for many decades researchers have tried to find evidence and there have been studies that show how students in elementary, middle, and high school as well as those in college that study a foreign language have a tendency of having a higher average score than those students who do not take any sort of additional study, the average level of grades would increase depending on the time they had been studying a certain discipline.

First off, students should begin learning foreign languages at a young age because it increases their ability at problem solving. Once you do, being fluent in a second language offers numerous benefits and opportunities.

Boost your creativity Learning a language is the collection of the small pieces which create a great picture. Others may say that if you are learning a foreign language,the accent tends to remain, however they say that mixing languages together in the same sentence is a normal and healthy phenomenon.

A foreign language is a whole new system with distinct rules, etymology, and meaning, which are just a few of the complexities of a language. Some researchers have shown from their studies that such children have difficulties in deciding which language to speak and may end up learning nothing, In conclusion, a standardised policy can be adopted at primary schools which can also benefit society culturally and economically.

Achievement Learning a new language is a an achievement anyone can be proud of and is extremely satisfying. Here are the top benefits of learning a second language: This explains that if they learn the new language, they will be more familiar with the people that speak it. Experience new cultures The world is a cauldron of rich and interesting cultures.

And these are just bonuses to the evident ability to communicate in several languages and cross cultural barriers. People who are multilingual are proficient at slipping from one tongue to another, one language system to another totally different language mechanics.

When we can engage in a dialogue in not your native tongue for about 30 seconds, it gives a great energy, and our mental perception grows significantly.

What do you think of this blog?Mar 09,  · 9 Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language (+ Resources!) 1. Meet new people. One of the most phenomenal benefits of learning a new language?

FluentU stands out amongst language learning websites thanks to the huge range of interactive learning opportunities it provides. “A man who does not know foreign language is ignorant of his own” (1).

There are so many benefits of learning English and they can be found in many sides such as in international business community, technology field, education, and in the social life.

Home» Samples» Education» Benefits of Learning a Second Language Essay. Benefits of Learning a Second Language Essay Lastly, it leads to a greater performance on standardized test due to many studies. Clearly, learning a foreign language at a young age will provide numerous benefits and advantages that will be beneficial to children.

Jul 20,  · Essay topics: Advantages and disadvantages of learning a foreign language at primary school Submitted by haibt on Thu, 07/20/ - Just as a coin has two sides, early childhood foreign language learning also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Learning a language is the collection of the small pieces which create a great picture.

The benefits of learning a second language

Other words, you can know half the words in the sentence, but the second half you should guess from the context. essay comments - learning a foreign language at primary school Essay by: Helen ESL Generally, the grammar in this essay does not have errors that .

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