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The couple now entered a long, productive period translating Chinese classics and great works in the vernacular, such as Ming dynasty stories, the 18th century novel Dream Of The Red Chamber, a four-volume edition of the selected works of Lu Xun, China's Gladys yang 20th-century writer, and many other works by major writers such as Lao She, Mao Dun, Cao Yu and Sheng Cunwen.

As chief translators for Chinese Literature, a journal that usually reflected the Communist party agenda, they had also to take on much that was mediocre or worthless. Shortly after daybreak, Old Chuan's wife brought four dishes and a bowl of rice to set before a new grave in the right section, and wailed before it.

Inafter the long sea voyage to Hong Kong, Gladys and Xianyi flew on over Japanese-occupied China to reach the beleaguered wartime capital Chongqing, and were later married.

To die for righteousness alone I sought, For this was what the ancient sages taught. Twas first to me he gave his plighted word, But soon repenting other counsel heard. Therefore, whatever insight you feel you may be experiencing may not be your own.

I longed to see them yielding blossoms rare, And thought in season due the spoil to share. Excerpted from TG's website Those slaps must have hurt!

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Epilogue Since in that kingdom all my virtue spurn, Why should I for the royal city yearn? Right of the path were paupers' graves. When he retired, Yang penned a short punning couplet to sum up his life: Gladys regularly corresponded with family and friends, so that, even when we had left China, we could expect a bulletin every couple of weeks.

The beetling cliffs loom high to shade the sun, Mist shrouding every rift, With sleet and rain as far as eye can see, Where low the dense clouds drift. Don't come over here. With mistletoe and herbs of magic worth, I urged the witch the future to show forth. Before old age o'ertake thee on thy way, Life still is young; to profit turn thy day.

Little Chuan's mother looked round and found her own son's grave, like most of the rest, dotted with only a few little, pale flowers shivering in the cold. Which translation is the most enjoyable to read?

Now he had just stumbled to a corner table facing the street, and sat down. In a BBC interview after the massacre during the night of June, Yang declared that the party leaders were even worse than past Chinese warlords or Japanese invaders.

Give me the cash, and I'll give you the goods! Yang did so with a characteristic charm that concealed personal tragedy: Free to travel again, the family visited many Asian and European universities, and renewed old friendships at Oxford.

He was educated at home by a tutor in the Chinese classics before attending a missionary school in one of Tianjin's foreign concessions. The gate-keeper of heaven I bade give place, But leaning on his door he scanned my face; The day grew dark, and now was nearly spent; Idly my orchids into wreaths I bent.

A man unjust in deed who would engage? Three ancient kings there were so pure and true That round them every fragrant flower grew; Cassia and pepper of the mountain-side With melilotus white in clusters vied. By they had joined the Foreign Languages Press in Beijing, charged with translating China's classics into English.poems translated by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang Li Sao (The Lament) LI SAO (The Lament) is not only one of the most remarkable works of Qu Yuan, it ranks as one of.

A blog about love, family and relationships in China, including interracial and intercultural love. 洋媳妇谈中国. Yang Xianyi in He met his wife Gladys at Oxford University.

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Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP When they came during the Cultural Revolution to take away Yang Xianyi, China's distinguished. Gladys Yang. 66 books. Seven Contemporary Chinese Women Writers. by Gladys Yang. of The Dragon King's Daughter: Ten Tang Dynasty Stories. by Gladys Yang. of The Man Who Sold a Ghost.

by Gladys Yang. of 8. Tang Dynasty Stories. by Gladys Yang. of 5. The Frog Rider And Other Folktales From China. Nov 24,  · Gladys Yang, a British translator who spent most of her life in China, translating and promoting Chinese literature for foreign readers, died Thursday in Beijing, the official New China News.

Selected Stories of Lu Hsun By Lu Hsun [The True Story of Ah Q, and Other Stories (written )] Translated by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang. Published by Foreign Languages Press, Peking,Printed in the People's Republic of China.

Contents [Bruce Kennedy has written "Sunday in the Park with Lu Xun,"] for CNN Interactive.

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