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True, men such as Jefferson and Madison believed in popular government, but they were also realistic enough to see how overweening majority power could quickly become mob-rule.

The minority, being all the people in the country, the tax payers, the average Morning class man and even those in lower classes should step up to make sure that the majority does what is in the best interests of the minority.

The Founding Fathers had this attitude, but somehow the legacy has been lost. Beginning with Plato, political philosophers of an anti-democratic or aristocratic bent had a dread and loathing of popular rule. Judicial activism in fact is very unconstitutional. If the majority stood up for their rights together, it would benefit the society by encouraging positive change, and promoting the idea that change can occur if a group feels strongly enough about it.

If he is unfortunate enough to live under an absolute government, the people is upon his side; if he inhabits a free country, he may find a shelter behind the authority of the throne, if he require one.

If the majority acts to serve the causes of injustice and unreason, the person or people so misserved must appeal to mankind at large, to state the case for right and truth in the larger court of humanity.

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That is, whatever the majority decides, it wins. Many people have different opinions on abortion. Majority is simply put to get the power to rule a decision which binds everyone in a unified group while minority means a group that is lesser in number but has the obligation of the state to defend their rights.

They knew a despotism bearing the imprimatur of a numerical majority was a despotism still, and that sheer weight of numbers sanctified nothing.

They have been labeled just a domestic partner and not an individual hence their husbands were considered enough o represent them during elections. And, like the confusion surrounding the proper sphere of the State, there is an equally gross misconception with respect to what majority rule is meant to do, what it may do, and what it may not do.

Search our thousands of essays: Therefore, by not acting, or creating a revolution, the majority, that rater number of people, is being ruled by those few in power. He states later that majority rule is not entirely based on justice, and scans the idea of basing a government off of a conscience as a possibility.

The minority again lets itself be governed by the majority even though they as a minority include a greater mass of people.Majority and Government Essay. Majority can be defined as, the greater number or part; a number more than half of the total; and can also be defined as, the political party, group, or faction having the most power by virtue of its larger representation or electoral strength - Majority and.

Sample Essay: Majority Rule And Minority Rights The very foundation of democracy is held by two pillars, the principles of majority rule and protection of the rights of individual and minority. Majority rule is applied in making decisions on public issues as well as for organizing the government (

Majority Rule/Minority Rights: defines not just individual rights but also the application of majority rule and minority rights relies on a set of rules.

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Free Essay: Individual Freedom vs. Majority Rule Freedom is one of the most central and certainly most emotive issues in political philosophy. It has been. George Will: Majority rule vs. individual rights.

The fundamental division in American politics is between those who take their bearings from the individual’s right to a capacious, indeed. If every individual who thought differently had their way there would be no point of government as this is totally against the idea of a majority rule democracy.

In the s, some people who thought differently had their way and passed legislation discriminating minorities based on race, colour, and national origin/5(3).

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